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Saving the World in Twenty Minutes

I think all of us are hitting rock bottom in this whole affair—
I mean the bullying of Mother Nature, of course.
It was even on TV as I recall. You can’t fool
Mother Nature, but, of course, that didn’t stop us.
Nature has no rewards or punishments, just consequences.
What’s going on now is causing many of us to become very serious.
It’s difficult to be as frivolous as we once were.
These times don’t call for it.

I still maintain that being kinder to each other
and kind to the earth itself will turn it around completely.
Don’t deprive anyone of kindness.
We all need it. We really don’t know what others have gone through.
I know I said in 20 minutes,
but eight letters will do: k-i-n-d-n-e-s-s.

Paul Hendrickson

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