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---I was recently asked why or how do people get so depressed that they commit suicide? I think I was asked this question, as I use to be a counselor. The person in question seemed to have a lot of money. They traveled the world. Why did they get so depressed? Did they want more money? What? What did they want?

---When assessing another, never assume how he is doing from how it may appear. I think that it is very important to like yourself and what you do. Learn to like what you like. Learn to like what you have. Learn how to play again. Learn when serious is appropriate…and is not. Learn to enjoy what you have. Don’t spend your life wanting what others have and thinking that having that would bring happiness. You are probably mistaken, if that’s what you do.

---Become your own program director to get back up to speed. It may get tricky in here. You help yourself by helping others. Do things you enjoy. I’ll guarantee that there are others who like what you like. If you like yourself than this is obvious. Otherwise you will probably choose things others like so maybe you’ll be liked in the process. At first, it may not be clear if your act is a selfless act or a selfish act. It may seem like quite a risk to put yourself out there like that, but the success of thinking on your own has many benefits. Learning to make good decisions and be secure with them is important.

---I think that it is monumentally important to ACCEPT YOURSELF with your so-called flaws and all. When there is a sense of ‘’OKAYNESS’’ to who you are in relationship to most other things, then you will be doing well. When you learn the difference between being A COG instead of THE COG (on the wheel,) life will have a different quality. You will have lightened up and not see yourself as falsely important in relation to everything and everyone else. You will notice that you like and enjoy people + things more!

---Also, take the focus off yourself and learn to be kind to others. As Mark Twain once said, to cheer yourself up, cheer someone else up. Be Kind + Be Well!


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