Saturday, February 13, 2016



---This story involves my brother, a skunk and an empty yogurt cup. My brother, Peter, was a campus policeman for Becker Junior College in Worcester, MA. One day, he and his partner were out on patrol in the car.

---Suddenly, they saw a skunk with an empty yogurt cup on his head. The skunk was walking in front of cars, etc. The skunk couldn't see because of the yogurt cup.

---My brother and his partner both knew how bad it would be if the skunk was hit by a car. They would probably have a dead skunk and a pretty bad smell on their hands. But...knowing my brother as I do, there was, probably, another reason. Peter would NOT want the poor skunk to be hit by a car. He likes animals. He didn't want the skunk to get hurt.

---They stopped the car and before anyone could say anything,
Peter got out of the car. Remember that the skunk couldn't see because of the empty yogurt cup. He began walking slowly toward the skunk speaking in a quiet, soothing tone that he used to use for animals. His partner thought he had gone nuts at this point. He walked up to the skunk, bent over and removed the yogurt cup from the skunks head. The most amazing part of the story is he didn't get sprayed. He has always had a St. Francis-type of relationship with animals. He must have used it that day. His comment: it was all from the heart!

There is another story that came out recently with a cop. yogurt cup and a skunk. My brothers scene was less chaotic than this other story. KUDOS to him, also!